Native American Heritage Month

Celebrating Native American Heritage Month


Front row, from left: Mario Chavez, Darren Hale, Michael Knox, Matt Rutherford, Michael Foley, Brian Stokes, Scott Griffin. Second Row: Bryan Marquet, Del Watson, Christina Costa, Luarianne Rodriguez, Amanda Olson, Joel Flores, Doug Gilpin, James Wilson. Back Row: Jason Levine, Derek Wood, Eric Zilligen, Connie Calvin, Richard Costa, Matt Spangenberg, Ryan Thompson, Dan Cook, Joey Williams

Celebrating Veterans Day 

Meet two leaders of the university's new Military/Veteran Faculty and Staff Association

Celebrating Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month

Meet Eric M. Suhl Scholarship Recipient Jose Granados  

The Life of a Service Dog on Campus

Meet Maple, service dog and proud ambassador of Disability & Access

The Ones Who Inspire Us

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, three professors shine a light on scholars, authors and leaders who inspire their work