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Conference Paper on Assessing the Impact of Cultural Proficiency Training for Central Office Administrators

Written by Dr. Betty Jeanne Taylor

With a direct connection to each of the four DDCE strategic goals, Diversity Education Initiatives bridged a collaboration between community and university partners that resulted in an innovative program promoting inclusion and resulting in data collection and analysis presented at the Sixth Annual Critical Race Studies in Education Association Conference at Columbia University.  University of Texas doctoral student and Assistant Director for Pre-College Academic Readiness Programs, Daniel Spikes; Mark A. Gooden, Director of the UT Austin Principalship Program; Angela Ward, Cultural Proficiency & Inclusiveness, Austin Independent School District; and Betty Jeanne Taylor, Director of Diversity Education Initiatives co-presented the paper entitled “Assessing the Impact of Cultural Proficiency Training for Central Office Administrators,” highlighting the findings from the twenty 4-hour trainings provided for over 500 school administrators, part of the central office’s process for becoming a No Place for Hate® campus through the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).