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Book Chapter on Assessing Multicultural Competence and Stress with Teachers

Dr. Michele Guzmán, assistant director of research and evaluation at the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health and clinical associate professor in the Department of Educational Psychology at UT Austin, coauthored a book chapter focused on assessing multicultural competence and stress with teachers.  For more information, see:

McCarthy, C., Hart, S., McCarthy, C., Crowe, B., Guzmán, M., Lambert, R., & Reiser, J. (2012). Assessing Multicultural Competence and Stress with Teachers. In C. McCarthy, R. Lambert, & A. Ullrich (Eds.), International Perspectives on Teacher Stress (pp. 175-194). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

This book is the latest volume in the Research on Stress and Coping in Education series. The authors present original research and current theory regarding the realities of coping with the stresses of teaching. The chapters highlight working conditions for teachers around the globe and the processes and strategies that teachers use to survive and thrive in their daily work with students, families, and educational administrators. Both stress researchers and educational policy makers will find the chapters offer insights into sources of stress for teachers, strategies for stress prevention and coping, and the negative consequences that stress can have on teacher retention. Researchers from Norway, Turkey, Greece, the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Italy, and China illustrate through a variety of research methods both the centrality of cultural context and the commonalities of teacher experiences around the world.