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Faculty Fellows Published in Harvard Journal

Written by Leslie Blair

Two faculty fellows in the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement, Richard J. Reddick and Victor B. Sáenz, recently published a co-authored article titled, “Coming Home:  Hermanos Académicos Reflect on Past and Present Realities as Professors at Their Alma Mater” in the Harvard Educational Review fall 2012 issue.

In the article, the researchers discuss their experiences of returning to their alma mater, The University of Texas at Austin as faculty members, and how they juggle all of the competing demands of the academy. Dr. Reddick and Dr. Sáenz also provide recommendations for predominantly White institutions to recruit more faculty of color and how encouraging the use of their personal narratives can increase awareness about underrepresented communities in higher education.

Another published article in the same issue is by UT Austin College of Education faculty Drs. Julian Vasquez Heilig, Keffrelyn D. Brown, and Anthony L. Brown. The article titled,The Illusion of Inclusion: A Critical Race Theory Textual Analysis of Race and Standards” looks at how race is addressed within the Texas social studies standards, and offers insight into closely examining standards for any marginalization of communities of color.

Dr. Reddick is assistant professor in Educational Administration in the College of Education. He coordinates the master’s program in the College and University Student Personnel Administration. His research focuses on diversity in higher education, mentoring and the sociocultural adaptation of Black families. Dr. Sáenz is founding director of Project MALES, a research project that looks at the Latino male educational achievement in higher education, and works to provide a mentoring model for this group on campuses throughout Texas. He is a featured speaker on Capitol Hill and at national conferences.

To attain a copy of the articles, visit http://www.hepg.org/her/abstract/1205 or http://her.hepg.org/content/84p8228670j24650/?p=a1327520e5554d5087a8018777d33622&pi=3.