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Dr. Anthony Brown: Improving Education Outcomes for African Americans

Dr. Anthony Brown

Dr. Anthony BrownDr. Anthony Brown holds a dual appointment as an assistant professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction and as an affiliated faculty in cultural studies in education at the John Warfield Center for African and African American Studies. His research examines how educators respond to the needs of African American students, especially males. “There are two things that African Americans have typically grappled with in education—who is going to teach African American students and what we will teach African American students. My work tries to work with those questions,” said Brown. “One of the things that is so discouraging is how we dehumanize in our attempt to help. We either have contempt or pity.”

His passion for his work stems not only from his love of humanity, but also from a desire to advocate for teachings building philosophies around their instructional practices. “There has never been an occasion in history where a movement wasn’t based on something deeply philosophical,” he said. Brown, who received a doctorate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, was honored with the prestigious Regents Teaching Award in June 2011.