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Jan. 27 and Feb. 1: Talks on Living with Autism by Sparrow Rose Jones

Sparrow Rose Jones will give  two talks open to the public on The University of Texas at Austin campus on Jan. 27 and Feb. 1.  Jones is an autistic author, composer, artist, polymath, and accomplished public speaker, who blogs at Unstrange Mind.

Wed., Jan. 27, 6 PM – “Living on the Autism Spectrum: An Insider’s Perspective.”

  • Location: University of Texas, Gates-Dell Complex (GDC) 2.210
  • Talk description: Hear Sparrow Rose Jones read selections from her writing, followed by a short Q&A session.

Mon., Feb. 1, 7 PM – “Understanding Autistic Ways of Being.”

  • Location: University of Texas, University Teaching Center (UTC) 4.118.
  • Talk description: Have you ever wanted to learn about autism from someone on the autism spectrum? Are you curious how they might explain the behaviors, emotional experience, relationship dynamics, strengths and struggles common to those on the spectrum? This is your chance!


  • Longhorn Autism Alliance
  • Student Govt. Disabilities and Inclusion Agency
  • Texas Center for Disability Studies
  • UT Disability Advocacy Student Coalition
  • UT Neurodiversity
  • UT Office of Inclusion and Equity
  • UT Services for Students with Disabilities