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Hogg Foundation for Mental Health to Host PeerFest April 25-28 in Corpus Christi

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Coming this April, the Hogg Foundation will be part of a first-of-its-kind event: PeerFest 2016. Inspired by the national Alternatives Conference, PeerFest is an educational and celebratory event for Texans who have faced mental health challenges, and who are striving for and achieving recovery. It will be unlike any event the Hogg Foundation has presented. As much as possible, it will lack the trappings of a typical “conference” while engaging attendees who are hungry for inspiration, support, and experiences that will help them on their recovery journeys.

banner for conferenceAlthough this inaugural PeerFest is taking place under the banner of our RLS Seminars, we are hoping that PeerFest will soon establish its own identity and live on as its own event, while also reverberating to the benefit of mental health consumers in Texas.

While the event carries the imprint of the Hogg Foundation, much of the heavy lifting related to logistics, outreach, communications, and content is being performed by a carefully chosen Consumer Design Planning Committee consisting of individuals with diverse perspectives, firmly held convictions, and lived mental health experience. All credit is due to this extraordinary group.

The event will be taking place at the Hotel Emerald Beach in Corpus Christi, TX, April 25-28, 2016. More details will be coming in the weeks ahead. Please like the Facebook page and check the PeerFest website regularly for updates.