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New Web Repository Provides Access to Research into Education of Black Males

image of BMERC group

image of BMERC group To help researchers, journalists and policymakers locate available research on the education of black males, University of Texas College of Education Professors Louis Harrison and Anthony Brown launched The Black Male Education Research Collection, a new website created by the DDCE.

The accessible, web-based repository provides a comprehensive collection of scholarly articles from peer-reviewed journals that focus on higher education and includes everything from mentoring and psychological health to sports and athletics. The research provides information for other academics, mentors, educators and policymakers that addresses root causes and overlooked factors regarding roadblocks to black male academic success.

In addition to the research, the collection also features interviews, reports and monthly videos from the nation’s top scholars on black male education. The professors intend to add additional peer-reviewed research to the site as well as relevant books, book reviews, magazines and dissertations.

Visit the College of Education website to learn more about how the Black Male Education Research Collection is informing public policy and providing access to research on the issues Black males face in the realm of education.