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UT Pays Tribute to Victims and Survivors of the Tower Shooting

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On the 50th anniversary of the mass shooting that took place Aug. 1, 1966, The University of Texas at Austin rededicated the Tower Garden and dedicated a new memorial to the victims and those who suffered from the tragedy.

The Tower Garden, located just north of the Main Building (the UT Tower), was dedicated in 1999 in memory of “all the people who suffered as a result of the tragedy on August 1, 1966.” A plaque in the garden commemorates the dedication. At the ceremony, the university unveiled a new memorial to the victims and survivors of the tragedy. A committee of survivors and DDCE staff members planned the memorial and ceremony.

Before the ceremony, the clock in the Main Building stopped at 11:48 a.m., the time when the shooting began 50 years ago. The clock remained stopped for 24 hours. At dusk on Aug. 1, the university darkened the Tower. Go here to watch the full video.