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Update from Dr. Vincent Regarding Flyer Incident

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Dear UT Austin Community,

I want to update you on the university’s response to the posting last week of disgraceful and racist anti-Chinese flyers at UT Austin, which more than 100 people reported to the Campus Climate Response Team (CCRT).

The flyers, as many of you know, were removed as soon as they were discovered.

Incidents like this harass and create a hostile environment for many in our community. Addressing them effectively is critical to fostering a campus that is free of hate and bias and that welcomes students of all nationalities and backgrounds.

The Dean of Students Office has completed an investigation of the incident, focusing on a specific person of interest. The resolution is complete, in accordance with university rules and policies. The university is prohibited by privacy laws from disclosing details of the investigation and its outcome.

Other university offices are also conducting reviews to determine if this person violated other university policies, which may lead to sanctions.

At this time, we can share that the Dean of Students investigation found that the student organization with the room reservation indicated on the flyer did not have any involvement with the creation or posting of the flyers. Furthermore, the student organization strongly condemned the flyer’s message.

University leadership is committed to doing more to prevent such incidents and, when they occur, responding quickly and communicating the results of internal reviews as transparently as possible within the constraints of the law.

We will continue to provide additional information as appropriate. I want to thank personally the many people who reported this incident and who stood up for the values of our community. Working together, we will create a more inclusive and welcoming campus.

Dr. Gregory J. Vincent

Vice President for Diversity and Community Engagement

W.K. Kellogg Professor in Community College Leadership

Professor of Law