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Discover Law Students Visit Huston-Tillotson to Learn about School-to-Prison Pipeline

Image of professor giving seminar to Discover Law students

Image of professor giving seminar to Discover Law studentsLast week, a group of aspiring lawyers visited the Huston-Tillotson University (HT) campus to gain a deeper insight into the state of the school-to-prison pipeline system in U.S. public schools. They met with Dr. Courtney Robinson, an adjunct professor at HT, who led an insightful discussion about the state of mental health issues in public school and the adverse effects of zero-tolerance policies.

Image of student in orange shirt raising handThis is one of several field trips offered to Discover Law students during the five-week residential program. Along their journey into the world of law, students (both from HT and UT Austin) have visited legal offices around the city and the State Capital. For more about the program, administered by the Longhorn Center for Academic Excellence, visit this website.