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The People of DDCE: Logan Lawrence, UIL Communications Specialist

Logan Lawrence was involved in the University Interscholastic League (UIL) long before he joined the UIL communications team.  Some of his fondest memories hearken back DeSoto High School, where he played soccer and baseball. Looking back at his early years in sports, he’ll never forget one particular coach who pushed him to reach his potential.

“My high school baseball coach was my favorite, Benny Jones,” Lawrence says. “He was very funny and sort of a jokester, but was also the toughest coach I ever had. That was perfect for me because it helped push me to be able to play college baseball. After high school, I played two years in junior college in Plano.”

While playing in high school sports, he had the opportunity to meet on of his most favorite pro-athletes.

“I was able to meet Kerry Wood,” Lawrence recalls. “He was a two-time all-star for the Cubs. He’s an unbelievable pitcher and I’m able to say I’m 1-for-2 against him.”

Prior to joining UIL, Lawrence served as the athletic media relations director at St. Edwards University. Now as a communications specialist at UIL, he’s covering sporting events and competitions here in Austin and across the state. An avid sportsman, Lawrence enjoys his work and always looks forward to the next big event.

Away from the office, Lawrence spends quality time with his family—away from the constant distractions of modern technology.

“I try to disconnect as much as possible, technology-wise,” he adds. “I enjoy spending time with my family. My wife Bridget and I have two daughters Allyson (12) and Olivia (9). I like to do yard work and just relax.”