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Message from Chancellor McRaven: DACA Policy Continues

The UT System has posted the following message from Chancellor Bill McRaven regarding the Supreme Court announcement concerning DACA. The International Office is sharing with our UT Austin students.

Dear Students:

Yesterday, the United States Supreme Court declined the Department of Homeland Security’s request to fast-track its appeal of a federal court injunction against the Trump Administration’s plans to rescind DACA.  Before the injunction was put into place, DACA was scheduled to end on March 5, 2018.  The Supreme Court’s decision means the DACA policy will continue until the lawsuit ends, Congress acts, or the President alters his earlier decision.

I was pleased to see the Supreme Court decide that the DACA program will remain in place for now.  If you are a DACA recipient, your time on one of our 14 campuses should be marked by your hard work, determination and enlightenment – not by anxiety about your future.

I, along with UT institution presidents, strongly believe in the benefits of DACA and encourage Congress to act quickly to continue the program and create a pathway for you to fulfill what I trust is your dream, to become a citizen of our great nation.

If you are a DACA recipient, we also encourage you to immediately renew your status, as the legal and legislative deliberations about the program are probably not over.  If you need further information or resources about the DACA program and opportunities to renew your status, please consider visiting some of the websites established by our campuses, including at UT Austin, UTSA and UTEP.

Finally, if you are a DACA recipient, know this: as Congress and the courts continue to consider this issue, the UT System will always follow the law, but rest assured that our campuses will remain places where you can safely live and study.