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Area Nonprofit Leaders Sharpen Social Media Skills at TGRC Networking Event

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A group of professionals from area nonprofits visited the Texas Grants Resource Center this afternoon to learn how to advance their mission through social media marketing. The event is part of the center’s Community Partner Networking Program which aims to provide valuable tools for emerging nonprofits on shoestring budgets.

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Participants learned a number of strategies from a panel of experts in the field of online communication—from measuring insights and Google analytics to broadening their audience through compelling storytelling. In addition to learning new skills, they also had the opportunity to network with other nonprofit professionals in various fields.

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From left: Lisa Goodgame, Lisa Goodgame Consulting; Tara Morrow, Mighty Citizen; Jon Lebkowsky, Polycot Associates

The networking program is among the many offerings within the Texas Grants Resource Center, which has served as a bridge between the grant-seeking and the grant-making communities for more than 50 years. Visit this website for more details.