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Activist Scholars Convene at Two Social Justice-Themed Events

image of symposiums April has been a month of exploration for scholars, students and community members who participated in two social justice-themed events: Abriendo Brecha and the inaugural Community-Based Learning and Research Symposium.

image of symposium
On April 6, the Community-Based Learning and Research Symposium featured a panel of experts who discussed their research methodology in the areas of healthcare, affordable housing, education and legal advocacy.  The event, hosted by the Longhorn Center for Community Engagement. provided community-based researchers—and those who are interested in the field—the opportunity to explore new ways to make a positive impact on underserved communities here in Austin and beyond.

image of dr. tang
A large gathering of activist scholars also attended the annual Abriendo Brecha Symposium on April 13 to learn more about the experiences of African American citizens in Central America—and how their systematic barriers parallel issues of access and equity in underserved neighborhoods across the United States. Researchers and guest speakers addressed a host of issues including identity, territoriality and political participation at the day-long event co-hosted by the Community Engagement Center’s Social Justice Institute.