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Diversity+Innovation Celebrated at Impact Hub Event

In a special community event at Impact Hub on Nov. 8, 2018, Dr. Leonard Moore introduced his vision for the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement that includes innovative ways of addressing community engagement and economic development through advocacy, collaboration and partnerships. “I want UT to help redefine gentrification,” explained Moore as he discussed how we don’t want Austin to become another Bay Area or Seattle, where working class people have been pushed from the cities. He acknowledged how that has been happening in Austin, too, but believes in helping low-income residents capitalize on the wealth the tech boom is bringing to Austin. “We can help skilled people in low-income neighborhoods who have the determination and the drive,” he told a group of 100 community members attending the event.

Photo of panel at Impact Hub
Ruben Cantu, Suchitra Guraraj, Milly Lopez and Darren Kelly discuss new DDCE initiatives.

He also introduced Oye Waddell of Hustle PHX. Moore and Waddell discussed how techniques used by Hustle PHX to help educate inner-city entrepreneurs. DDCE Deputy to the Vice President Dr. Darren Kelly moderated a panel that included staff members Ruben Cantu,  Dr. Suchitra Gururaj and Milly Lopez to discuss their new initiatives that focus on Inclusive Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Community Engagement, and Community Partnerships and their passion and commitment to their work.

photo of Waddell and Moore talking
Hustle PHX founder Oye Waddell and VP Leonard Moore find ways to improve Austin’s wealth distribution through entrepreneurship.
photo of crowd
Impact Hub is the location of DDCE’s new office of Inclusive Innovation and Entrepreneurship led by Ruben Cantu.