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Neighborhood Longhorns Experience College for a Day

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A group of middle and elementary school students experienced College for a Day, a fun-filled event hosted by the Neighborhood Longhorns Program (NLP) that includes campus tours, group activities and discussions with current student athletes. The event was held on Friday, Feb. 15.

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The day kicked off with activities in Bellmont Hall, where they rotated around the room in groups to meet with several student athletes and learn more about sports, academics and college life.

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They later broke into groups and toured the engineering, math and computer science hubs on campus, including the TACC Visualization Lab where they met with scientists and experimented with state-of-the-art equipment including the Oculus Rift, a headset that provides a fully immersive virtual reality experience. They also tinkered with interactive technology at work stations and gazed at the Stallion, a 328-megapixel tiled-display.

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The aspiring Longhorns also visited the Ernest Cockrell Jr. Hall building to create fog bubbles out of dry ice.

The day concluded at the TANC-Texas Athletics Nutrition Center, where they ate a healthy lunch alongside star athletes.

College for a Day is one of the many outreach events offered by the NLP, an incentive-based learning program that helps economically disadvantaged youth build a strong academic future. Visit the NLP website to learn more.