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The DDCE Goes Global

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During the months of May and June, three diverse groups of students are given the chance of a lifetime to study abroad in China, South Africa and Costa Rica. While earning academic credit, the students—many first gen—have been interning at nonprofits, NGOs and local schools to learn how to make an impact on a global scale.

Responsible and Ethical Student Leadership

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Instructors: Emmet Campos, Director of Project MALES; and Javier Wallace, Graduate Instructor

In San Joaquin de Flores, Costa Rica, students learn about ethical leadership and social responsibility while participating in a discussion-based seminar, short-term internships and volunteer activities. The goal of the four-week course (May 30-June 27) is to provide a nuanced understanding of cross-cultural communication, interpersonal dynamics and professional ethics that promote social good.

Urban Economic Development

image of Cape Town group
Instructors: Leonard Moore, Associate Vice President for Diversity and Community Engagement and George Littlefield Professor of History; and Darren Kelly, Deputy to the Vice President and Assistant Professor of Instruction

From May 28 to June 25, a cohort of students live and work in Cape Town, South Africa, where they learn about the country’s urban economic development landscape. The course includes experiential learning opportunities such as volunteer work and internships with local humanitarian organizations that serve low-income communities. Read blog posts from a student participating in the 2019 cohort.

Entrepreneurship in China and the U.S.

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Instructors:  Devin Walker, Director of Global Leadership and Social Impact; and Rubén Cantú, Director of Inclusive Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Aligning with the DDCE’s focus on global leadership and social impact, students learn how businesses solve social problems while living and working in Beijing, China from May 30 through June 27. The course specifically looks at how innovative people in China and the United States use business approaches to address social problems such as poverty, environmental dangers, migrant education, orphan child welfare and healthcare disparities.

Visit the Global Leadership and Social Impact website to learn more about the DDCE’s many study abroad opportunities offered to students at UT Austin and Austin area middle schools.