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Community Engagement AVP Joins Austin Economic Development Corporation Board

such Gururaj community engagement leader at UT

Austin City Council has appointed Assistant Vice President for Community Engagement Suchitra Gururaj as one of the 21 members on the recently created Austin Economic Development Corporation (AEDC).

Gururaj joins a panel of experts and leaders in various fields—from higher education to nonprofits to the live music industry—in this effort to help the government address multi-pronged challenges, such as real estate development, affordable housing and homelessness-related efforts. Visit the Urban Land Institute website for more information.

As the leader of the DDCE’s Center for Community Engagement, Gururaj provides vision and strategy for student engagement programs rooted in service, community-based learning, community advocacy programs and sponsorships. A lecturer in the College of Liberal Arts, Gururaj teaches courses on community organizing and leadership development. Visit the Center for Community Engagement’s website to learn more.