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Celebrating Our 2021 Graduates: Marissa Martinez

image of Marissa Martinez

Major: Corporate Communication, Moody College of Communication

Hometown: College Station

Programs & Activities: Senior Advisor, Latinx Community Affairs; Tap Trainer, Texas Orange Jackets; Student Fellow, XP3 Program; Gateway Scholars; Student Ambassador, First-Gen Longhorns

Changing lanes…When Martinez came to UT Austin by way of Aggieland, Texas (aka College Station), she wasn’t quite sure which path to take until she discovered the wide, versatile world of communications. She later switched her major from psychology to corporate communications—a decision that helped her land a coveted $10,000 internship with the Oracle Scholars Program.

Raising the bar…Now Martinez is preparing for a full-time job as a marketing specialist at Oracle—an accomplishment that reflects her years of hard work and growth at UT Austin.  She credits her supportive network of friends, faculty and staff for showing her how to keep raising the bar higher and higher. “If you asked me back in high school if I would consider applying to Oracle, I’d say no way! I’m indebted to everyone who helped me believe in myself and my abilities.”

Coming in first…Looking back at her time at UT Austin, Martinez is especially grateful for the support she received from friends and mentors in the First-Gen Longhorns program. As a student ambassador, she helped plan events, mentor her fellow students and promote the program via social media marketing.  “First-Gen Longhorns had such a big impact on me. I am especially grateful for all the support I received from my mentor Helen Wormington who helped me navigate school and my career.”

Lessons from abroad… Another impactful experience, Martinez notes, was the Global Leadership and Social Impact program’s annual study abroad trip to San Joaquin, Costa Rica. “I will never forget that six-hour bus ride into the town of Limón, where we would visit the beach and work at a local elementary school. Our host families warned us to be careful because the city was known for crime, but when we got there, we saw that it was really a beautiful place with a lot to offer. This was a good lesson in seeing places for yourself before believing what you hear in the news.”

Advice for future Longhorns… “Put yourself out there—no matter what. Build your network at UT because your friends can be your greatest network. And don’t tell yourself ‘No’ before anyone else does.  I’ve learned to not fear rejections and to apply to every opportunity that comes my way.”