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DDCE Spring Graduation Celebrations

Celebrate our spring 2022 graduates at these upcoming DDCE events
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We raise our horns to all spring 2022 graduates who have worked hard and persevered through new and challenging times. Below is a listing of virtual and on-campus commencement celebrations that honor our remarkable graduating seniors. Good luck to all our new alumni and hook ‘em!

For more information on the university-wide commencement ceremony, happening at 7:30p.m. in the Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium (DKR) on Saturday, May 21, go to this site.

lav grad 2022
Lavender Graduation

What: Lavender Graduation is a time-honored celebration of the achievements made by students and alumni who are allies and members of the university’s LGBTQ+ community. Lavender Graduation is hosted by the Gender and Sexuality Center and co-sponsored by the UT Queer & Trans Students Alliance, the Pride and Equity Faculty Staff Association, the Pride Alumni Network and the Queer Graduate Student Alliance (QGSA). Visit the Gender and Sexuality Center’s website for more information
When: May 18, 4 p.m.
Where: Etter Harbin Alumni Center
Hashtag: #LonghornLavGrad

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Disability Graduation

What: Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) and several campus partners are co-hosting the annual Disability Graduation, a celebration honoring graduates with disabilities. This year’s event will include guest speakers and a drop-in reception. Visit the SSD website for more information.
When: May 18, 1-3 p.m. Speakers begin at 1:30 p.m.
Where: Student Services Building, ground floor (SSB, G1. 106)
Hashtags: UTDisabilityGrad22

first gen grad 22
First-Gen Longhorns Graduation

What: Hosted by the First-Generation Signature Events Committee, First-Gen Graduation is a big celebratory event that recognizes the achievements of all graduating students who will be the first in their families to earn a college degree. The event is closed for RSVPs, but the ceremony will be live-streamed on the First-Gen Grad website. First-Gen Grad stoles (free for graduating seniors until supplies run out) are available at the front desk of the Student Services Building (SSB, room 3.200) M-F, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Students who were not able to RSVP to attend the event are still eligible for a stole.
When: May 18, 2 p.m.
Where: San Jacinto Hall, Multipurpose Room
Hashtag: UTFirstGenGrad

black grad 22
Black Graduation

What: Black Graduation is a big annual event that celebrates the achievements made by graduating students who identify as African and African American. The event is hosted by the Afrikan American Affairs student agency within the MEC. Visit the MEC website for more information.
When: May 19, 12 p.m.
Where: Texas Union Ballroom
Hashtag: UTBlackGrad2022


What: The Asian Desi Pacific Islander American Collective student agency within the MEC is hosting GraduAsian, a ceremony that commemorates the many achievements of Asian American students. Visit the GraduAsian website for more information.
When: May 19, 4 p.m.
Where: San Jacinto Hall, Multipurpose Room
Hashtag: UTGradAsian

Latinx graduation 2022
Latinx Graduation

What: Hosted by the Latinx Community Affairs student agency within the MEC, Latinx Graduation  recognizes the accomplishments, successes and achievements of all the Latinx graduates. Visit the MEC website for more information.
When: May 19, 6 p.m.
Where: Gregory Gymnasium
Hashtag: #UTLatinxGrad