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PEER 150 DEI Conference


The Division of Diversity and Community Engagement and Financial Administrative Services have partnered with PDXYZ to bring the PEER 150 DEI Conference to UT Austin.  The Conference will be held at Fair Market Austin on May 17th and 18th and will end on May 19th at the University of Texas at Austin, Thompson Conference Center. Our very own alumni, Kalen Thornton, CMO, Gatorade, will be on a panel!

Since UT has partnered with the PDXYZ, they are providing us the opportunity to invite our staff, faculty, and students at a significant discount.

Package Options

  1. 1 Day Pass
    May 19th: Breakfast, 3 straight Keynote presentations, Closing reception at the University of Texas at Austin, Thompson Conference Center
    Register for 1 Day Pass: $20-faculty/staff | $15-students
  2. Full VIP Access Pass
    May 17th Private VIP Dinner, All day gathering on May 18th and access to May 19th ½ day gathering
    Register for Full VIP Access Pass: $95-faculty/staff | $75-students


The gathering itself brings 100+ of the top HR, Marketing, and Business Leaders from Texas and around the country to network, collaborate and listen to some pretty thought-provoking speakers. Topics range from the Future of Work to Creating a brand of inclusivity, to the paradigm shift of relationship between employee and employer, to leading a team in challenging times.


The opening keynote will be with the CEO of the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Chief Impact Officer of the San Antonio Spurs: You can check out the Full Agenda at PDXYZ 2022 Full Agenda.


  • Opening Keynote
    • Len Komoroski, CEO, Cleveland Cavaliers
    • Dr. Kara Allen, Chief Impact and People Officer, San Antonio Spurs
  • Hollie Castro, CHRO & SVP of ESG, YETI
  • Jayanta Jenkins, CMO, Disney+
  • Kalen Thornton, CMO, Gatorade
  • Claire Coder, CEO, Aunt Flow
  • Latonia Knox, Global Chief Diversity Officer, Flex
  • Zaina Orbai, Chief People Officer, TheRealReal
  • Kim Rutledge, EVP Of People, Q2 (Speaking with Carlos, CMO)
  • Carlos Carvajal, CMO, Q2 (Speaking with Kim EVP, People)
  • Dr. Jarik Conrad, VP, Human Insights, UKG
  • Rory Rockmore, Social Influencer & Global Head of Creative, NYX
  • Ronalee, Zerate-Bayani, Former, CMO, Zynga
  • Vijay Pendakur, Ph.D., Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer, Zynga


  • Human-Like Me – Why We Fight, How To Stop, And The Role Business Must Play
  • Creating a Brand of Inclusivity | 360 Degree Relationship with All Walks of Life
  • The paradigm shift in the relationship between employee & employer
  • How are HR and Marketing working together to build a culture to attract and retain?
  • The future of our Workforce
  • Equity Does Not Always Mean Equality
  • Empathy and Belonging: Intentional Integrity
  • Leading during challenging times
  • And much more