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The Ones Who Inspire Us

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, three professors shine a light on scholars, authors and leaders who inspire their work

As we close in on Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re highlighting some books, films and historical figures selected by several professors from schools and colleges across the university. Read on to get their recommendations for our reading and must-watch movie lists during Hispanic Heritage Month and all year round.

Richard Flores UT HHM

Richard Flores

Deputy to the President for Academic Strategies and Professor of Anthropology and Latina/o Studies Richard Flores pays tribute to  Américo Paredes, a prominent figure in UT Austin history and one of the founders of Mexican American studies. Read more.

Janice F. Hernandez UT Nursing

Janice F. Hernandez

Clinical Assistant Professor and Division Chair of Holistic Adult Health Nursing Janice Hernandez pays tribute to Dr. Hector Hugo Gonzales, a UT Austin alumnus who was the first Mexican American in the nation to receive a Ph.D. in nursing. Read more.

Fernando Luiz Lara

Fernando Luiz Lara

G. Roessner Centennial Professor and Director of the School of Architecture’s  Ph.D. Program Fernando Luiz Lara shares his reading recommendation for Hispanic Heritage Month and explains why it’s important to look back at the history of our hometowns and current spaces to find connections between the past and present. Read more.