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A Q&A with RGV Familia Student Leader Rodrigo Moran
RGV Familia Rodrigo Moran

Meet Rodrigo Moran, an economics/government junior who came to UT Austin by way of Mission, Texas. Working alongside his fellow student leaders with RGV Familia, he is is helping to make the campus feel more like home for many students from the Rio Grande Valley. We caught up with him to learn more about his family heritage, favorite cultural icons and favorite family traditions. Be sure to visit the RGV Familia website to learn more about the benefits of the program—and how you can get involved.

What do you like most about being a part of RGV Familia?

​My favorite part of RGV Familia is having a community that feels like home. It really goes beyond cultural signifiers like food, music or the way people speak. It really is all about the people that make RGV Familia special.

Where is your family from?

My entire family is from Nuevo Leon, Mexico. We immigrated when I was four.

What is your favorite family tradition?

​Traveling to see my extended family isn’t that easy, but we always get together during December to have a string of celebrations starting from the posada, to Noche Buena, all the way until the new year.

Do you have a favorite cultural icon?

​My favorite cultural icon would probably be WWE Legend Eddie Guerrero. Being able to hear my lengua materna from one of the best wrestlers of the era and watching him carry a Mexican flag in one hand and the championship belt in the other, back when I was growing up, was very special.

Do you have any book or film recommendations for people to learn more about Hispanic heritage and culture?

​I would recommend everyone read “I Am Joaquin” by Corky Gonzalez. It’s a relatively long poem that beautifully tackles themes of dual heritage, struggle and identity.