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‘Hailing Cesar’ Event Recap

View some photo highlights from the ‘Hailing Cesar' film screening and Q&A
From left: Project MALES Director Dr. Emmet Campos, Eduardo Chavez and UT Precursor Leon Holland
From left: Project MALES Director Dr. Emmet Campos, Eduardo Chavez and UT Precursor Leon Holland

On Tuesday, September 19, Eduardo Chavez came to UT Austin to discuss his new film “Hailing Cesar,” which delves into the life of his grandfather, Cesar Chavez, and also his family history.

The film takes us on an exploration of Cesar Chavez’s tireless fight for the rights of farmworkers and his unyielding commitment to social justice. Through powerful storytelling and cinematography, “Hailing Cesar” pays homage to a remarkable historical figure and serves as an inspiration for future generations. Eduardo’s goal is to share Cesar’s message with a new generation. This film is Eduardo’s first step in honoring his legacy.

Here are a few photo highlights from the event hosted by the DDCE. Go to our Flickr album to find more photos.

Image of student leaders at the Eduardo Chavez eventStudent leaders gather for a group shot with Eduardo Chavez before the film screening. From left: Larissa Costa Dos Santos, Vallery Valle, Eduardo Chavez, Kelly Solis and Kennedi Houston.

Reyna Flores and Eduardo ChavezAfter viewing the film screening, Reyna Flores, a College of Education doctoral student, led a discussion with Eduardo. During the conversation, he shared his experiences documenting his grandfather’s advocacy work.

Eduardo Chavez Q&A woman speaking at Eduardo Chavez eventAttendees asked questions and shared takeaways during the Q&A.

Gatherings after film screening Eduardo Chavez group shot with students 2Eduardo Chavez group shot with studentsAttendees gathered after the event to meet with Eduardo and take photos.

A big thanks to our sponsors for making this event possible!

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