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You Belong Here

You Belong Here

Progress Updates

Progress on the University Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan (UDIAP) will be updated once a year. It should be noted that as a blueprint for optimal future diversity and inclusion efforts, successful implementation of the UDIAP depends upon a number of factors including adequate budget and personnel.

Here are the number of action items in each of the progress stages for the year ending December 2018:

progress image June 2019

Implementation progress has been ranked as follows:

  • Planning – Students, administrators, faculty, and/or staff are discussing ways to meet the goal and making plans for taking action.
  • In Progress – Implementation of actions toward the goal is in progress. There is still work to be done in the area.
  • On Target – Considerable work has been done to meet the goal. In some cases the work to meet the goal has been completed. Because the UDIAP is a fluid document which will be reviewed at least twice a year and updated as needed, and because diversity and inclusion work is ongoing, we have elected not to use the term “completed.”

To learn more about the University’s progress click on one of the areas below:

  1. University Leadership

  2. Campus Climate and Culture

  3. Students

  4. Faculty

  5. Staff

  6. Alumni and Community

  7. Pre-K–12 Partnerships and Education Pipeline

  8. Communications, Assessment, and Accountability