Division of Diversity and Community Engagement
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Change Starts Here: You Belong Here

Change Starts Here: You Belong Here


Collaborate across campus to increase transparency of and access to DEI efforts at UT Austin

UT Austin already engages in innovative work in supporting equity, inclusion, and diversity on campus. Our CSUs work to promote equitable outcomes for our staff and faculty as well as our students. We need to leverage our infrastructure to create a centralized, easy-to-use portal where students, faculty and staff can access and learn about available DEI resources and programs. In addition, we need to clarify our administrative structure for DEI work on campus, so that we can maximize our impact on the campus community.

Similarly, we recognize President Hartzell’s call to break down the silos that can isolate us. One way we can do that is by increasing transparency in our communications, resources and data. We will offer a clear view of where we are today—both where we are succeeding and where we have work to do. We will begin updating our campus regularly on our Equity and Inclusion Track improvements and on the outcomes of this Action Plan, beginning in fall 2023.

How we will accomplish our objectives:

5.1 Centralize tracking of how UT Austin is performing on diversity, equity and inclusion

  • Providing transparent data on our progress is a key priority for this plan.
  • Annually communicate the metrics, assessment and updates for each priority beginning in fall 2023
  • Develop a University Standardized Annual DEI Progress Reporting Protocol for colleges, schools and units to submit annually

5.2 Develop a clear structure and model to increase investment and coordination of equity, diversity and inclusion across colleges, schools and units

  • Our focus is to clarify and coordinate all the important work happening across our campus and streamline our ability to serve our campus community.
  • Collaborate with leadership across colleges, schools and units to help centralize the marketing of all campus-wide DEI efforts
  • Publicize and amplify promotion of DEI initiatives at all levels of the campus

5.3 Create an easy-to-use portal to promote available DEI resources and programs for faculty, staff and students

By creating a one-stop website that gathers the work being done across campus, this initiative will increase the impact of our work by making it easier for our community to connect and engage with it.

  • Invest in centralizing information on resources, programs, and initiatives specific to equity, diversity and inclusion
  • Work with colleges and schools to ensure that the resources and programs are also highlighted in their areas
  • Launch a centralized web location to introduce students, staff and faculty to identities, on-campus communities, resources and existing programs

5.4 Periodically complete a university-wide environmental scan and perception study to identify and develop the ability to assess and address gaps in how well we are serving the UT Austin community

We will demonstrate our commitment to the ongoing work of creating equity on campus by checking in with our campus stakeholders regularly. We will also seek input from valued external stakeholders.

  • Work with Institutional Reporting, Research and Information Systems (IRRIS) to identify the surveys that will be administered each year and ask that equity, diversity and inclusion questions be part of those surveys
  • Establish strategies to increase the institutional transparency of data and processes
  • Identify ways we can communicate and ask for feedback to and from our community each year to make sure that our initiatives are impacting the communities we serve