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JULY 2016

Dr. Gregory VincentMessage from Dr. Vincent

Since late June, we have witnessed numerous tragedies—the murder of 49, mainly LGBT men and women, mainly Latina/o, in Orlando as well as the deaths of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and five police officers in Dallas and three in Baton Rouge. Like recent devastating incidents in Charleston, San Bernadino, and Ferguson, and an incident closer to home here in Austin—the shooting death of teenager David Joseph—these tragedies strike at the fundamental values that we hold close here at The University of Texas at Austin, such as the ideals of equality, honor and personal respect.

As a public research institution, we have the opportunity to help address societal issues at the root of these horrific events and even serve as a model, as The University of Texas so often does. We continue to strive to build a campus community that is diverse and accepting, which are fundamental, strategic priorities for our university. It is in these difficult times that we need to support each other and respect the perspectives of all members of our community.

I encourage you to read my complete message to the campus community on the recent tragedy.

Enjoy the remainder of summer, be safe, and we look forward to formally welcoming incoming freshman to campus for orientation sessions this August.

Dr. Gregory J. Vincent
Vice President for Diversity and Community Engagement
W.K. Kellogg Professor in Community College Leadership
Professor of Law


Turning Law School Dreams into Reality

Like many of her fellow undergraduates, Victoria Adesanya came to The University of Texas at Austin without a linear career path in mind. It wasn’t until a mentor in the Intellectual Entrepreneurship Program tipped her off to a new summer program when everything started to fall into place.

Adesanya wants to combat gender-based violence and has decided to explore criminal defense law and international law. Though only in her junior year, Adesanya has already delved into law school classes last summer through DiscoverLaw.org PLUS, a program administered by the Longhorn Center for Academic Excellence that aims to help students—particularly underrepresented students of color—prepare for a successful future in law. Read more.

Discover Law students

Tower Memorial

Reflection of the UT TowerPlease join the university community and The University of Texas at Austin on August 1 as we come together for a Tower Garden Rededication Ceremony commemorating 50 years since the Whitman shooting on August 1, 1966. 

At 11:40 a.m. the flag will be lowered on the Main Mall, followed by a rededication ceremony in the Tower Garden. The rededication ceremony will include the addition of a stone memorial engraved with the names of those who lost their lives and the names included on the Tower Garden Memorial will also be read aloud as the Tower bell tolls once following each name in tribute.

LCAE Orientation

The Longhorn Center for Academic Excellence (LCAE) holds orientation sessions for new students throughout the summer. This year LCAE will serve approximately 600 students through Gateway Scholars and the Longhorn Link program. LCAE staff and graduate student assistants help incoming freshmen register for classes and provide study tips and information about tutoring. Visit the LCAE site for more information about their student services.

LCAE orientation

Mission Moments: Dr. Richard Reddick

Dr. Richard Reddick

Dr. Richard Reddick, associate professor of higher education administration and leadership, understands the challenges that many of his African American students are facing because he’s been there. Back when he was an undergraduate at UT Austin in the 1990s, he often felt isolated and insecure about his academic abilities as he navigated the large, predominately white college campus. Although much has changed over the years, he still sees his students struggling with similar issues.

Now as the leader of Student Diversity Initiatives and Diversity Education Initiatives, he and his colleagues are working toward making the Forty Acres a safer, more welcoming environment. Through diversity training, ally workshops, student leadership programs and more, both of these initiatives are expanding university-wide support systems for marginalized students. Watch the video.

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