Inclusive Language and Imagery

Dell Medical School follows the Associated Press Stylebook and house editorial style when creating and editing nontechnical content (editorial content such as social media, email campaigns and website copy). This supplement reflects additional and/or alternate recommendations—commonly used words, phrases, rules and concepts—that reflect the school’s commitment to inclusion and advancing equity.

The No. 1 rule: If a person specifies an aspect of their identity—such as their sexuality, race or gender—use that identification.



Ethnicity, Place of Origin and Race

Gender Identity and Sex

General Health Topics

Mental Health

Person-First Language

Sexual Orientation


In addition to AP style, these guidelines are informed by:

This guide is not exhaustive. When in doubt, follow AP Stylebook guidance (or Merriam-Webster if AP doesn’t have an entry). The Communications team will update and/or add entries in consultation with the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Health Equity teams as needed.

This guide is also, necessarily, a living document. It will evolve to reflect cultural changes and as we continue to learn how to best use language to advance equity.


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