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University Resource Groups

University Resource Groups (URGs) provide an organized voice on campus for diverse communities within The University of Texas at Austin. The URGs not only provide a way to communicate the needs of these diverse groups to the campus community, but also celebrate the voices, identities, experiences, and talents of the groups. The URGs also provide leadership training and other professional development, community service opportunities, and celebrations such as an annual potluck for all faculty and staff.

AAAFSA officersThe Asian/Asian American Faculty and Staff Association (AAAFSA)

The mission of AAAFSA is to support, celebrate, and empower Asian and Asian American faculty and staff by fostering a community that provides opportunities for networking, communication, and growth — both personal and professional.


Contact AAAFSA directly for more information


Black Faculty-Staff AssociationThe Black Faculty and Staff Association (BFSA)

BFSA is dedicated to visible commitment and inclusion of Black faculty, staff and students. Our mission is to advocate progress through the promotion of professional development, mentoring, networking, wellness, scholarships and cultural programs.


Contact BFSA directly for more information




HFSAThe Hispanic Faculty Staff Association (HFSA)


The Military/Veterans Faculty and Staff Association (MVFSA)

MVFSA facilitates the inclusion of veterans, military members, and their families into the University community in order to enhance recruitment, retention, networking, comradery, and professional development in collaboration with other organizations



Contact MVFSA directly for more information


PEFSA peopleThe Pride and Equity Faculty Staff Association (PEFSA)

PEFSA advances the university’s educational mission by cultivating a safe and inclusive environment that values, celebrates and affirms the sexual and gender diversity of faculty and staff members.

For more information on University Resource Groups, please contact Helen Wormington.

If you would like to contact all the URG co-chairs, please contact URG Leadership.