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Institutional Sponsorship

The university is pleased to offer the following in-kind sponsorships to support nonprofit organizations’ mission and work:

  1. Access to students. With over 50,000 students, we can help mobilize motivated volunteers and interns for your events. Please send Amory Krueger a volunteer/intern job description you’d like us to circulate on campus.
  2. Access to The Texas Grants Resource Center, the Central Texas branch of the national Foundation Network. Amy Loar can help your organization apply for grant funding from local and national foundations and network with other like-minded organizations and individuals seeking funding and resources.
  3. Access to service-learning classes. Students in classes in all of our academic colleges and in over 25 disciplines earn credit for undertaking a service project with a community partner over the course of a semester. Are you looking to rebrand? To conduct a pilot project? To hold focus groups? Please contact the Longhorn Center for Community Engagement to help you connect with a faculty member and their students.
  4. Access to UT facilities. Through our institutional sponsorship program, the DDCE can provide non-financial support for an organization’s event, initiative, program, or project by providing access to UT buildings and/or classrooms. Please note this in-kind support is for access to UT spaces only. Contact Helen Wormington for more information.

Finally, we have a number of ways for you to connect with the university through our public events, including our Front Porch Gatherings held throughout Austin, our Day of Service/The Project in Rundberg, and the myriad opportunities for you, your team members, and your clients to mentor UT students. You may lend your expertise to a UT faculty member by developing a Community Educational Exchange course or publish research or write papers with UT people, including the Dell Medical School.