How much does the training cost?

Each organization’s training needs vary significantly, and we work with each interested organization to understand its goals, available time, and budget.

Here are some packages we have created in the past. Please note that these are not set offerings but packages we created in conversation with organizations.

  • Non-profit DDCE partner: access to a set number of asynchronous training videos through a
    learning management system and one facilitated live discussion for 50 people
  • UT-Internal Group: access to a set number of asynchronous training videos through a learning
    management system and two facilitated live discussions for 50 people per session
  • External Organization: fourteen facilitated live discussions for up to 50 people per session and access to a learning management system

Considerations we take into account in training cost include: non-profit status, current or past partnership with DDCE/UT, delivery method, and number of live facilitated sessions.

Who leads the trainings?

If you choose the hybrid delivery option with asynchronous videos and live discussion sessions, you will find our top subject matter experts presenting the asynchronous videos, and a diverse group of trained and passionate facilitators from across the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement leading the live discussion sessions.

If you choose the all-live delivery option, both our expert presenters and trained facilitators will collaborate to guide your learning experience.

Are you able to create custom content?

We are not able to customize the instructional components, but the case studies for live discussions can be customized. In our initial conversation, we will discuss in detail what kinds of case studies would be most relevant to your organization’s needs. Our conversations with you from the beginning will ensure that our offering matches your training needs.

Do you offer consulting services?

Yes. Please complete this interest form for more information.

What does a typical live discussion session look like?

The Dynamics of Diversity follows an interactive case discussion model, where participants have the opportunity to think through a real case in breakout sessions and then discuss insights with the larger group. This ensures that all participants have the chance to share their thoughts and learn from their peers while an expert guide drives the conversation with thoughtful questions.

How is the asynchronous portion of the course delivered?

The Dynamics of Diversity course uses an online learning management system to provide structure to the learning experience with video modules, learning objectives, pre-module reflections, knowledge checks, and additional resources.

How many people can you accommodate in one live session?

We are currently delivering all live sessions via Zoom and are able to accommodate 50 – 60 participants per session.

How do I know if this training is right for my team/organization?

We created this training to meet the needs of all organizations that are interested in learning about diversity and inclusion. Specifically, our training is best suited for organizations that are interested in:

  • Managing a diverse workforce
  • Increasing workforce diversity
  • Sustaining a commitment to inclusion
  • Leveraging diversity to strengthen the organization

If you would like to speak to us about training fit, please complete this interest form.

How are the live trainings being delivered during COVID-19?

We are currently delivering all live trainings through Zoom.

Will I receive a certificate after this training?

Yes. We use Badgr to award certificates and badges through email to participants who have completed at least five courses from the Dynamics of Diversity offerings. With Badgr, you have the option to share your badge on social media, print out the badge in certificate form to hang in your office, or add the badge to your email signature.

What certificates are available?

  • History of the Black Experience

    • Description: This abbreviated offering from Dr. Leonard Moore looks at the Black
      experience in America with a particular emphasis on the period from 1865 to the present. These
      modules highlight the historical issues/themes that best connect to contemporary Black life in
      America. This will allow, which allows us to put current events into a much-needed historical
    • Number of modules: 7
    • Hours to complete: 10.5 hours (1.5 hours/module)
  • Dynamics of Diversity Part I

    • Description: The Dynamics of Diversity Part I certificate offers a unique opportunity for learners to understand specific areas of difference — disability, gender, sexuality, race, mental health — from the perspective of subject matter experts who work in these areas daily at the University of Texas. Learners gain the knowledge necessary to contribute to an inclusive workplace culture as well as incorporate diversity and inclusion into their management strategy.
    • Number of modules: 5-7
    • Hours to complete: 10-14 hours (2 hours/module)
  • Dynamics of Diversity Part II (forthcoming)

    • Description: The Dynamics of Diversity Part II certificate expands upon the foundation
      from Part I to delve into challenging topics about immigration, religious diversity, political
      thought, and the histories of various ethnic groups in the U.S. True to our mission, this set of
      trainings offers tools to drive courageous and respectful discourse about difference
    • Number of modules: 5-7
    • Hours to complete: 10-14 hours (2 hours/module)

My organization has no budget for training. Can you still help us?

We have created a substantial resource library that is available to all interested learners. We would also love to speak with organizations that are interested in forming a partnership with the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement. For instance, could you offer paid internships for students who participate in DDCE’s leadership programs? Please fill out an interest form to discuss.

My organization would like to source more diverse talent for our pipeline. Could you help us?

Absolutely. The Division of Diversity and Community Engagement offers a wide array of leadership development programs for under-represented undergraduate and graduate students at the University of
Texas. We are interested in forming partnerships with organizations committed to diversity and inclusion to ensure that our students thrive in the workplace upon graduation. The Texas Co-op is among our partners and offers internships to DDCE students every year. Please fill out an interest form to discuss how we may work together.

For an example of the kind of comprehensive student leadership development programs we offer, please see our XP3 website.