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Dynamics of Diversity Training Certificate

The Dynamics of Diversity certificate offers a unique opportunity for learners to explore pressures and considerations specific to various areas of difference—disability, gender, sexuality, race, mental health—from the perspective of subject matter experts who work in these areas daily at the University of Texas. Learners gain the knowledge necessary to contribute to an inclusive workplace culture as well as incorporate diversity and inclusion into their management strategy.

Dynamic learning that meet your needs

The Dynamics of Diversity Certificate is available in multiple delivery formats to meet each organization’s needs. Both hybrid and all live delivery modes offer a structured learning experience through the Canvas learning management system, where learners will be able to see the training schedule, pre- and post-module exercises, as well as asynchronous videos, if relevant.

In the hybrid delivery model, the foundational knowledge (definitions, theories, concepts) is shared in asynchronous instructional videos, while the case discussions (applying foundational knowledge to realistic scenarios) take place in live discussion settings (currently taking place in Zoom).


If an organization believes all-live learning is best for their learners, our presenters combine the foundational knowledge and case discussion components in live, interactive sessions that provide learners the opportunity to apply the course’s frameworks immediately to realistic cases in a guided discussion.

We also offer learning opportunities for individuals who want to lead diversity and inclusion efforts in their organizations and/or who want to expand their knowledge base about diversity and inclusion.

Dynamic keynote speakers

A leader from the Division of Diversity at the University of Texas at Austin illuminates why diversity and inclusion is a critical topic at all levels of an organization. Through their engaging storytelling and insights from historical context, the speaker invites all to join in meaningful reflection and dialogue about challenging questions of power, inclusion, and access at the foundation of organizational culture.

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