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The Latina/x and Indigenous Leadership Institute

LILI staff throwing the Hook 'Em Horns

What is LILI? 

The Latina/x  and Indigenous Leadership Institute (LILI) is a student success initiative supporting the personal and professional development of Latina/x and indigenous students through culturally relevant programming that amplifies and affirms their voices. 

Programming Areas 

  • Personal and Professional Development 
  • Cultural Nourishment 
  • Community Building 

Why Latina/x and Indigenous? 

LILI as a group is intended to support Latina students at UT, where they are the third-largest student population. It is a gender inclusive organization that supports students of all Latinx genders, as well as those that do not identify with a gender. LILI is a space for Latina/x and Indigenous/First Nation people who have traditional ties to tribal communities or are themselves part of the movement and migration.  

Meet our Team

The LILI leadership team includes UT staff, ULN students and student officers.

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