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Digital Race & Sexuality

February 18, 2015

PAR 308 - In anticipation of the 14th Annual Sequels Symposium, E3W invites you to the first of two Prequels events this semester. This roundtable on Digital Race and Sexuality will focus on the work of our distinguished alumnus, Shaka McGlotten. In Virtual Intimacies: Media, Affect, and Queer Sociality (2013), McGlotten explores the promise and power that the Internet and social media offer to queer men of color as they navigate relationships and communities. The panelists - Dr. Neville Hoad, Alex Cho, and Lily Zhu - will discuss the implications of McGlotten's work for Ethnic & Gender Studies, considering also how his book enriches our understanding of the political uses of the digital.

Sequels, an annual symposium sponsored by the Ethnic and Third World Literatures specialization in the Department of English, hosts distinguished graduates and honors their recently published books.The 14th Annual Sequels Symposium will take place on April 9-10 at UT Austin and will feature Shaka McGlotten (Purchase College, SUNY) and Jeremy Dean (Education Czar at Genius) as keynote speakers. Inspired by McGlotten and Dean's work, the symposium will consider how networking, whether social, activist, or educational, has taken on profound new dimensions in the digital age. In addition to the keynote addresses, graduate student panels will showcase research that intersects with McGlotten and Dean's scholarship.

Email: SequelsE3W@gmail.com

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