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Category: General Disclosure: A Netflix Party & Conversation

Disclosure: A Netflix Party & Conversation

September 16, 2020

Join us for a screening of the documentary ‘Disclosure’ and a conversation on Trans Representation in Media! It will be held on Zoom. Our panelists will be:

* Franki Phoenix, model/visual artist/activist
* Siri Gurudev, writer/performer/PhD candidate
* Lane Michael Stanley, filmmaker/playwright/UT graduate
* Ariel Juarez, RTF undergraduate student

Instructions to view the film:
1. Download the Netflix Party extension (CAN ONLY OPERATE THROUGH GOOGLE CHROME):
2. Join our zoom: (whatever the link is)
3. Look for the link to the movie (will be posted in our Facebook event 15 minutes prior to the start & our zoom chat)!
4. REMEMBER to click on the Netflix Party Icon to join the party after you click on the link.
ASL interpretation and closed captioning is available upon request. Throughout the viewing, closed captioning will be provided by Netflix. Please email at least 3 days ahead of the event.

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