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Category: General Gender Inclusive Clothing & Stuff Swap

Gender Inclusive Clothing & Stuff Swap

November 15, 2022

Old clothes that don't fit? Sweaters you don't want to wear anymore? Skirts that haven't left the closet since Ellen did? Bring your gently worn clothes to the GSC and swap them out for stuff you might actually wear! Bring your gently used stuff to the GSC and give it the home it deserves. Also, leave with some new stuff. Everything is free, and whatever is leftover is donated. You can even come with nothing, if you don't have anything to swap. Try on anything you like, and leave your gender roles at the door. Bring anything that you think other folks might want including clothing, jewelry, books, movies, etc.

*For the purpose of this event “Gender Inclusive” means that all of the clothing and stuff will be sorted into piles that just describe the way that people wear/use the item, i.e. “shirt” not “women’s shirt” because anyone can wear any shirt they want. Email with any questions

Gregory Plaza

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