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Category: General Knowledge & Noms: Jess Goldstein-Kral

Knowledge & Noms: Jess Goldstein-Kral

November 8, 2018

Sociology PhD student, Jess Goldstein-Kral presents on their research around Gender Non-conformity & Relationships.

Jess Goldstein-Kral
Bio & Research Summary

Jess Goldstein-Kral is a PhD student in the Department of Sociology and an Urban Ethnography Lab Graduate Fellow. Their interests include gender, sexuality, intimate relationships, and inequality, which they study using both quantitative and qualitative methods. Their current research investigates gender expression and relationship dynamics in same-sex and different-sex marriages. Specifically, they analyze the extent to which partners have discrepant perceptions of each other’s gender conformity, and the impact such discrepancies have on relationship quality. Findings underscore how important it is that partners accept and respect one another’s gender expression.

SAC 2.112

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