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Open Ally Training: LGBTQA Identities

September 24, 2015

LGBTQA Identities: Core Issues within LGBTQA Communities (Ally Toolkit Part 1) (minimum two hours)

Synopsis: In this workshop you will learn about and practice using terms commonly used within LGBTQA communities with attention to intersectional identities including race and age. You may attend this workshop on its own, or you may continue on to Practicing Allyship (Ally Toolkit Part 2) and sign up with the Allies in Action Program. LGBTQA Identities (Ally Toolkit Part 1) is required for attending Practicing Allyship (Ally Toolkit Part 2).

Detail: In this workshop you will engage with concepts including gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation in order to describe how these concepts are connected and to identify where they are not connected. The workshop style is conversational; the flow of the workshop will be shaped by your questions and learning needs. Through this workshop facilitators seek to build your understanding of and experience using relevant and respectful terms and concepts around gender and sexuality. The LGBTQA Identities workshop provides the building blocks necessary to participate in the Practicing Allyship: Resources to Support LGBTQA People (Ally Toolkit Part 2) workshop. For those who have taken Ally program workshops in the past, the LGBTQA Identities workshop offers a refresher around changing language and concepts around gender and sexuality.

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