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Peers for Pride - Final Performance

April 29, 2019

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During the spring semester, we perform a final performance workshop that is open to ALL UT students, staff, faculty, and administrators. Peers for Pride (PfP) is a peer facilitation program housed in UT’s Gender and Sexuality Center and supported by the Center for Women’s & Gender Studies. PfP undergraduate student facilitators create short activating scenes, perform them in workshops, and invite audience members to brainstorm and enact possible interventions into the conflicts faced by the scenes’ protagonists. The activating scenes are framed by a couple of message scenes that use poetry and performance to affirm intersectional queer realities. The workshop is entitled “What Do Thriving Queer Communities Look Like?,” and the workshops prepare audiences to talk about and practice embodiments of how thriving queer communities affirm people of color, bi and pan people, trans and gender nonconforming people, and people of more than one or all of these identities.

Light food and refreshments will be provided.

SAC Black Box Theatre 2.304

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