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Category: General Psychology Department and ther GSC Presents Jessica Lynn

Psychology Department and ther GSC Presents Jessica Lynn

March 22, 2017

Jessica Lynn is a woman on a mission. Dedicating her life to educating the world about the lives and experiences, of Trans identified people. She lectures through an unfiltered lens; shining a light on the unbelievable suffering and loss experienced in the trans community. She is traveling to colleges and universities across the United States giving vivid accounts of her own life as a transgender woman. From her decades-long battle with gender dysphoria, the unexpected joys of fatherhood, and to the earth shattering pain of losing her parental rights for wanting to live authentically as a woman. Jessica Lynn is president and co-founder of the non-profit organization Your True Gender. Their mandate, to spread transgender awareness, education, and to provide a space for Trans people in need. As the organization’s public face, Jessica has become a prominent speaker; addressing faculty and students at prestigious institutions such as the Kinsey Institute.

SEA 4.244 (Psychology Building Auditorium)

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