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August 26, 2021

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Hello Folx QTBIPOCA is hosting our annual welcoming to the student body Aug 26, 2021! We are pleased to welcome you to our virtual BLOQ Party 2021 hosted on zoom. We will provide virtual drag performances from local and qtpoc creatives, information regarding essential resources around campus, and introduce you to the Multicultural Engagement Center and its respective agencies. We will also be providing free shirts located in WCP 1.102 from 12-4PM on August 26 before streaming our event. Virtually join as we celebrate the transition into the school year.

Join using Zoom Meeting ID: 97240153333

Howdy Folxs, we are excited to invite y'all to BLOQ Party 2021, and we wanted to share the musical album Tropicalia ou panis et circencis which inspired our promo graphic. The album was released in the late 1960s by a collection of various Brazilian artists. The phrase panis et circencis roughly translates to Bread and Circuses as an anode to the album's critique of imperialist and militaristic abuses against human rights. The album sought to empower working-class communities and created a cultural revolution. We encourage you all to check the album on Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube.


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