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Category: General The Spaceship Body: Subverting the Colonial in Sci-Fi

The Spaceship Body: Subverting the Colonial in Sci-Fi

February 17, 2017

Presented by Los Angeles-based visiting artists Anna Luisa Petrisko and Micaela Tobin.
The workshop begins with a brief presentation on their experimental opera BODY SHIP, which will be performed at OUTsider Fest. BODY SHIP is about 2 sisters who, as a healing exercise, turn their bodies into spaceships and travel along the route of Ferdinand Magellen, reconfigured onto the cosmos. The presentation will be followed by an interactive discussion about science fiction in the context of literature, art, music, and performance as a means to promote an anti-colonial art and/or social justice practice. Citing works in the Afro-futurism canon as well as works by contemporary artists, this workshop aims to broaden the scope of science fiction to include the imagination, intuition, and improvisation as a way to find healing and liberation for marginalized bodies. This will be appropriate to all students interested in racial/social justice, identity politics, as well as all art and music disciplines.
Hosted by the Center for Asian American Studies with support from the Center for Women and Gender Studies, Gender & Sexuality Center, and the Multicultural Engagement Center. Special thanks to OUTsider Fest.

CLA 1.302B

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