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Category: General Finding Our Voice: A Woman of Color Discussion Group

December 7, 2020

Are you a woman of color? Are you a student at UT? Would you like to receive support from and connect with other women of color on campus? Consider joining Finding Our Voice: A Women of Color Discussion Group! Finding Our Voice meets weekly to engage in safe, inviting, and authentic discussions around student experiences as women of color on the UT campus. We invite both undergraduate and graduate women to join. Women are welcome to discuss any and all topics that are relevant to their experiences (race, gender equality, media influences on self-esteem/body image, racism, sexism, career development, dating relationships, sexuality, and more). There are no limits to what is discussed, and your privacy will be respected. We invite you to attend whenever you can, and you can even come to a portion of the group if your schedule is tight! Women of Color Discussion Group is open to all women of color, regardless of racial and ethnic background.

This requires registration. Register here! https://bit.ly/finding-our-voice


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