Team Leads

Do you want to help Lead on Project day?

Team Leads are The Project’s event staff. They are one of the most valuable pieces of this event, because it’s the Team Leads who are really in charge on event day. It’s a great opportunity for leadership experience, extra safety and facilitator training, and for a bigger piece of the action on Project day. A full training curriculum is provided for each Team Lead area, and all meals are provided on Project day.

Team Lead positions are available in the following areas:

Senior Team Leads (10-20)
Senior Team Lead positions are an advanced leadership option for veteran Team Leads looking to expand their experience and expertise. Senior Team Leads will lead worksites on Project day. To prepare for this, they will attend a specialized training session, and then will assist with one session of training for all other Team Leads in both Fall and Spring. Senior Team Leads will also be responsible for ensuring their site’s prep work is completed, and for managing supplies and personnel changes throughout Project day as necessary.

1. Site Leaders (100-130) – Site leaders will manage all aspects of a work site, including: volunteer and site contact communication, volunteer safety, tools and supplies, completion of work at the site, pre/post shift volunteer reflections, site reports and pictures, and the overall volunteer work experience. The goal is to have one site leader for every 15 volunteers on event day. Returning team leads are preferred, but not required, for this position.

2.  Volunteer Check-In (10) – Check-In Team Leads are responsible for organizing and staffing the check-in tables on event day, confirming/overseeing waiver signatures, distribution of t-shirts to volunteers, communication with bus drivers and bus Team Leads, and providing work site maps/addresses to volunteers.

3.  Buses/Transportation (10) – Bus and Transportation Team Leads will be the main line of communication between registration and the site leaders. They will ride the buses that transport volunteers, helping drivers hit the right bus stops, navigate, provide information, lunches, and thank-you gifts for the bus drivers.

4.  General Information and Parking (10) – General Information Team Leads will be the first to answer any and all volunteer and community partner questions on event day. They will staff the information tent throughout the day, and will – on a rotating basis – direct both on-foot and vehicle traffic near headquarters, make and hang all event signage, and welcome VIPs to the event.

5.  Kick-off and VIP’s (10) – Kick-Off/VIP Team Leads are the official hosts of the events for city officials and speakers who welcome the volunteers before each shift. They will create displays, videos, and schedule for the kick-off program on event day, welcome VIPs to the event, host executive briefings for VIPs and press following the kick-off program, and assemble and distribute press packets for the executive briefing.

6.  Tools and Supplies (40-50) – Tools and Supplies Team Leads will manage storage, acquisition, and return of tools for the event, manage tool distribution (check-out and return) of tools on event day, manage supply movement between sites and from headquarters, and maintain a system of communication between site leaders to allocate supplies most efficiently.

7.  Media (20-30) – Media Team Leads will focus on publicizing, documenting, and putting out live updates of the event from event headquarters. Team members will travel across the worksites to take before and after photos, and on event day will take photos of work in progress.

Applications for Team leads will begin in October, so keep checking out the website or our social medias for more info!