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WiSTEM Living Learning Community

WiSTEM Living Learning Community (LLC) announces the opening of applications and expansion of our Living Learning Community (LLC) in Kinsolving. WiSTEM has a long history and tradition of successfully serving students in their first year of living on campus.

Housed on two floors of the Kinsolving Residence Hall, our community has space for 152 first-year STEM residents on the south side of the hall, with community-style bathrooms.

Why should I consider the WiSTEM LLC?

As an LLC resident, you will live with a community of first-year STEM women, form study groups, and develop lasting friendships. Residents of our community are required to room with other WiSTEM LLC members and we try to pair students by major if possible. Students from the same college/major are clustered near each other on the two floors so that you can find other students.

Can I do other first year programs?

Yes, students who are participating in other first-year programs such as a First-Year Interest Group or another college or university wide program are able to participate in the WiSTEM LLC. There are no course requirements for the LLC.

What happens in the WiSTEM Living Learning Community?

As a participant, you will:

  • live in a tight-knit, interdisciplinary community of students who have common interests
  • develop friendships & peer groups
  • participate in a supportive community
  • form study groups & participate in regularly scheduled study sessions
  • participate in weekly peer-led planned social events, study sessions & outings
  • receive informal mentoring from STEM LLC Resident Assistants & Peer Coaches
  • be connected to the larger WiSTEM community to increase your sense of belonging

Eligibility Information:

To be eligible for a spot in the LLC, you must be awarded a UT Austin Housing contract. You should apply for on-campus housing by April 1st. Housing contracts are awarded based on the submission date of application. WiSTEM LLC students must:

  1. Be a first-year/first time in college* admitted student to UT Austin in a STEM major
  2. Have completed a University Housing & Dining (UHD) application on or before April 15**
  3. Receive a UHD Contract and select Kinsolving Residence Hall as your first choice
  4. Submit a WiSTEM LLC program application by the May 2 deadline
  5. Commit to abiding by the community and residential expectations and policies

*Students who have already participated in a campus residential experience such as the TAMS program are not well suited for this experience.

**UHD contracts are awarded in the order of application; students who apply after April 1 are unlikely to receive a UHD contract.

Program Fee:

There is a $500 annual program fee per student to cover direct program costs. Scholarships are available. All interested students should apply regardless of their financial situation.

Application Timeline:

  • March 1 to May 2: LLC applications open/accepted*
  • May 1: University Admissions Enrollment deposit deadline
  • May 2: WiSTEM LLC Application deadline
  • May 2 to May 15: application review
  • May 16 to May 31: notification to all applicants about status (accepted or waitlisted); roommate selection process begins
  • June 1: payment and confirmation/acceptance due to WiSTEM; roommate selections due to WiSTEM for Housing placement

*Applications for the LLC are reviewed on a rolling basis and applications will be: 1) verified with UHD to ensure that students will receive a housing contract. 2) verified with Admissions to ensure that students have been admitted into a STEM major at UT. 3) ALL room assignments, etc. will be managed by UHD. 4) Students must confirm their LLC spot with WiSTEM no later than June 1st. Confirmation instructions will be included in the acceptance notification. Students who are not initially accepted into the LLC will be placed on a waiting list and will be filled on a rolling basis.

Roommate Selection:

After the LLC admission process is completed, all students will be given the opportunity to connect and find a roommate from within the LLC cohort. Students can meet virtually, begin to form connections, and make plans to meet up at New Student Orientation.

WiSTEM LLC Full-Time & Student Staff:

We have 4 Resident Assistants (2 on each floor) and 14 WiSTEM Peer Coaches (non-live in). Additionally, support is provided by the full-time WiSTEM Director and Assistant Director.

Ready to Apply?

More Questions?

For questions about WiSTEM, email us here.

For Housing related questions, use this link for more information.