Undergraduate Programs

Opportunities for mentoring, cross-discipline collaboration, community building, advancing leadership, living-learning communities, career exploration, professional skills development and role model engagement

WiSTEM undergraduate programs focus on strengthening STEM identity, creating a sense of belonging and increasing self-efficacy for all undergraduate women in STEM. These three areas of focus are directly linked to increased undergraduate retention/persistence, graduation rates, advancement to graduate school and persistence in the workforce for women in STEM.

The WiSTEM Living Learning Community provides first-year students in STEM the opportunity to live together in a residential community.


Participants will live together in a tight-knit, interdisciplinary community of women with common interests and majors. Students can easily form friendships, form study groups, and find peer groups. Students will also have access to LLC Peer Coaches and Resident Assistants to serve as mentors and guides to help adjust to college life.

The WiSTEM Support Squad are volunteer peer mentors interested in helping you get connected and in being successful in STEM!


As a first-year student, you can sign up for a Support Squad Mentor to help you with your transition from high school to college.


The WiSTEM Leadership Ecosystem gathers together student organizations & programs across UT Austin that are focused on advancing gender equity/representation, inclusion & creating a community for all in STEM.

The WiSTEM Career Connections are initiatives that strive to increase students’ sense of belonging, STEM identity and self-efficacy by exposing them to varied STEM career paths.

  • iConnect Series
  • Fab Fem Fridays
  • Workshops


Join our Canvas group, open to all in the UT community!

Email us: wistem@utexas.edu

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