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What is XP3?

XP3 is an innovative year-long professional development fellowship providing students the opportunity to develop the necessary skills, experiences, and network to thrive in the 21st-century global workforce.

Fellowship Timeline

  • Fall semester – 2-hour course credit
    • Fellows engage with material from all four fellowship pillars: management consulting, global talent, design thinking, community leadership
    • Fellows self-select into one of the four cohorts
  • Spring semester – 1-hour course credit
    • Fellows work in small groups to leverage their XP3 platform and areas of expertise in support of community-based organizations and local businesses, 4-6 hours/ week
    • Opportunity to participate in a
      • domestic trip (Wall St., Silicon Valley, alternative breaks)
      • global trip (Dubai, South Africa, Costa Rica, China, Mexico)
  • Project presentation and ceremony 

The Four Pillars

FLI visit Loreal in NYC

Management Consulting

Fellows will learn to help businesses improve performance and culture with an emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion through experiential learning and case studies.

Ruben, working with a a student at Impact Hub

Design Thinking

Fellows will address problems and build solutions that positively impact their community driving economic development and upward mobility.

Group shot of students on a cliff overlooking Cape Town, cropped

Global Talent

Fellows will come to understand themselves in relation to the world at large, and how to collaborate across the complexities of language and culture.

Dr. Wallace takes high schoolers on a neighborhood history tour.

Economic and Community Development

Fellows will support and cultivate mutually beneficial partnerships that address significant issues in Texas communities.

African-American Students in New York City

Take experiential learning to the next level.

Today’s graduates need more than a degree to thrive in the global workforce. They need… to be able to solve problems equitably, to effectively work with people and cultures from around the world, to design and innovate like an entrepreneur, and not just have a job but a career that allows them to impact their community.

Student Perspectives

Kendrick Henson

“I loved traveling and getting the opportunity to work in the Cape Town townships. I learned that I can truly make a difference, both abroad and in my own community.” – Kendrick Henson

Lisa Marie Resendez

“It really helped me realize my potential. Like, for real, I can do this.” – Lisa Marie Resendez

Nina Habib

It was the first time in college that I got to apply myself to something in the real world. It was really fulfilling. – Nina Habib


  • Excel within ambiguity
  • Problem solving
  • Entrepreneurial mindset
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Global fluency
  • Leadership development


  • University/community partnership
  • Management consulting
  • Project implementation 
  • Promotion of equity and social justice

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